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Summer Sunglass Guide 2019

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Enjoy your time outdoors this summer with our 2019 sunglass guide. Whether you're camping, fishing, cycling or just spending long days outside being a tourist, there is a perfect pair of sunglasses to help you enjoy your activity.


Best For Everyday

These are the glasses you don't want to think about. Much like a good pair of jeans, these everyday sunglasses are at home in the car or when your eating outside for lunch.

If you demand frame quality, long lasting style and the highest level of optical clarity then Maui Jim is for you. The Kahi comes with glass lenses, Maui Jim's proprietary Polarized Plus 2 lens technology and it's wide enough for most head sizes. At $249 these aren't the cheapest sunglasses on our list but we believe they are worth every penny.

Brand: Maui Jim

Model: Kahi

Polarized: Yes

Cost: $249 USD

Learn more about Maui Jim Lenses: Watch on YouTube

When professionals talk about quality sunglasses SMITH Optics is always in the conversation. The Lowdown 2 comes in over 19 frame colors and the Chromapop lenses will enhance color in all lighting conditions. Available with or without a mirror coating, there is a Lowdown 2 that right for you.

Brand: SMITH Optics

Model: Lowdown 2

Polarized: Yes

Cost: $135 USD

Learn more about SMITH ChromaPop: Watch on YouTube

An up-and-coming brand out of Denmark, Christopher Cloos is a bit of an "optical underground" choice. The Paloma is styled so well that it can be dressed up and it can be worn with casual attire too. The unisex shape and color makes it suitable for everyone.

Brand: Christopher Cloos

Model: Paloma

Polarized: Yes

Cost: $149 USD


Best For Performance

When your running, cycling, out on the water or hiking, you need high performance sunglasses. The right eyewear will optimize your vision.

A high performance frame for high performance women. Costa Del Mar's Waterwoman features their proprietary 580G glass polarized lenses (Optional 580P plastic lenses), over 13 frame color options and over 6 lens color choices.

Brand: Costa Del Mar

Model: Waterwoman

Polarized: Yes

Cost: $269 USD

Representing the pinnacle of performance eyewear, Oakley's Flight Jacket is a masterpiece for cyclists demanding top visual optimization. Designed to be aerodynamic, Flight Jacket also allows just the right amount of air to circulate behind the lens to prevent fogging. Available in 11 colors and multiple lens styles.

Brand: Oakley

Model: Flight Jacket

Polarized: Yes

Cost: $223

Learn more about Oakley frames and lenses: Watch on YouTube

Combining high performance lenses with a fantastic price point, the Maui Jim Ho'okipa is suitable for just about any environment. At home on the golf course or on the hiking trail, the Maui Jim Ho'okipa is lightweight and comfortable for all day use.

Brand: Maui Jim

Model: Ho'okipa

Polarized: Yes

Cost: $189



Make a statement and look great doing it.

Small oval shapes will be everywhere this season. From the beaches in San Diego to the streets of Paris, small shapes are hot. Known for their iconic styles, the Rayban Oval is available in 8 colors and they feature glass lenses which means you can take them anywhere and they will last for years to come.

Brand: Ray Ban

Model: RB3547

Polarized: Available

Cost: $153

Clear frames in round or square are taking off. The Warby Parker Haskell is well priced and styled for Men or Women. At $95 with or without prescription, this is versatile choice for everyone.

Brand: Warby Parker

Model: Haskell

Polarized: Yes

Cost: $95

Talk about a #tbt the Ray Ban Evolve is a large metal square shape with colorful lenses, bringing this iconic '70's look into 2019. As if the style weren't enough of a talking point, the Evolve lenses are light-sensitive which means they will turn darker when exposed to UV light. Available in 4 colors.

Brand: Ray Ban

Model: RB1971

Polarized: No

Cost: $183


Think we missed something? Let us know in the comment section below. We love hearing from our community.


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