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About Us

In 2017 I uploaded our first YouTube video explaining how a popular set of gaming glasses works. Right away the feedback started to pour in and one thing was made clear; there was a need for content, made by eye care professionals, to help teach people around the world about protecting our eyes in today's digital era.

Computers, tablets and smartphones are a part of everything we do and our eyes are feeling the symptoms of fatigue and strain. I founded Eye Influence to teach people the reality of digital eye strain and why it's so important to protect our eyes before it's too late.

The demand for this information is world wide. Our community of supporters and subscribers spans 5 continents and between our website and YouTube channel we reach 40 thousand people a month, and our audience continues to grow.

We've been fortunate to also have the support of respected companies like SMITH, Felix Gray, Barner Brand, Acuvue, EZ Contacts and much more. Thanks to our growing community and sponsors, we look forward to continuing to create relevant content that will teach people about the importance of eye care.

Thank you for supporting Eye Influence!

Oliver Torres

CEO and Founder

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